Delivery Information

Delivery Information


Shipping Policy


Your Credit Card is charged at time of order. Cancelation of order may incur a cancel paypal fee.  S/H Charges will be added Based on weight and Destination !



 ATTENTION: Due to new Homeland Security, The UN,  and International Trade Inspections, all OUT OF USA orders are being searched or inspected. We must include an invoice showing TOTAL price, we are also having a number of lost or missing packages. We must also add the charges that we are incurring for Exporting to these countries.


If shipping to CANADA  Select US Priority Mail FLAT RATE charge will be $25-35 USD MIN Based on weight. We suggest that you select FED-EX 3 Day if you need it sooner then 1 week or CALL ORDER IN !

Most US and Express mail packages are seeing Delays to destinations depending on weather.  Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank your local Inspectors and Mr. Obama !

Please specify how you wish your products shipped, you can choose:  

US Mail: Standard service by weight, Your order is under $25.00 will be charge Min. $3.00 This is for USA shipping slow mail 3-7 days ONLY. Most orders sent this way. No less then $3.00 can be charged. Out of USA or Overseas order MUST ship Flat Rate due to to many lost packages we MUST track all orders.



If you select US mail for $5.00 there will be NO Tracking and may take 30 days for delivery, if you are out of the U.S. and choose this shipping and do not receive your package, you can not file a claim for refund as a hign amount of US mail is being rejected in Austrailia and China.



Note: Shipping with the US post office and receiving your package on time is a roll of the dice, so you take the risk with type of shipping!  A Tracker is provided with orders over $3.00 But in most cases ya get it!


Priority Mail:

This is for USA ONLY. Items are charged no less then $10.00 an up to $45.00 depending on weight and destination and should arrive 2-5 days depending on US Postal Service Speed! A tracking receipt is attached to orders. All orders over $25.00 are shipped Priority. All orders over $220.00 Will be Shipped FED-Ex. When you select Priority mail, You are charged an additional FEES Based on weight. The total shown on your on-line invoice total will be different. THIS IS US Mail only, NOT for overseas!


Express US Mail:

This is a better way to go, this is US Mail 2-4 days for a minimum of $45.00 to $80.00, more based on destination and weight!   These prices are based on Mexico and Canada Shipping. Select this if you are out of the USA.





OUT OF USA (NOT including Canada or Mexico)


SMALL FLAT RATE  . . . .  $45.00

MEDIUM FLAT RATE . . . $65.00


SMALL FLAT RATE  . . . .  $22.00

MEDIUM FLAT RATE . . . $45.00


  This in not our prices but USA Postal rates now in affect starting 1-1-2017 (Thank you GOV.)

We advise if out of USA to make your order worth the shipping and order more or add something.

We speak for Trump and say  "Ahhhh, Sorry for the Jacked up Postal Rates, But we are the Few Controling the many and we need to live high on the hog !"


Fed-Ex: ALL FED-Ex order must be in by 12PM California PST for same day shipping! You can choose from 1-2 or 3 days delivery service to any location, price is base on weight and travel from California USA. No less then $17.00 for a 3 day will be charged for 1 pound, standard charge for next day is $35.00 for Envelope. If you ship out of the us, IE: Europe, Mexico or Canada the prices for fed-ex are double or tipple based on weight. You can use your own account number if phoned in Only. A $1.00 handling charge will apply, no added charge to order. We ask that you call in your order if using your account.  NO PO Box address are allowed, you must use a physical street address!!

 DUE to new HOME LAND Security, World wide shipments will be subject to search and verification of invoices, so we must claim total price, NO Gift samples can be marked. 


  Please read the Return Page before purchasing any item from FOP


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