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K105 Signal Generator Mini Electronics Kit
Signal Generator Minikit. Signal generator block, triangle, sine (fixed frequency). Technical Specif..
K109 Electronic Dice Minikit with LED indication
Electronic Die Minikit with LED indication.Technical Specifications:Rolls slowly out when releasing ..
K123 Rolling Clock Electronics Kit
K123 Rolling Clock Kit. Nicely animated rolling time and date display. Graphic display with 35 LEDs...
K150 Shaking Dice Electronics Kit
K150 SHAKING DICE. Features no push buttons required, just give it a shake rolls out slowly and flas..
K152 Wheel Of Fortune Electronics Kit
K152 WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Features 10-LED wheel of fortune push the button to start spinning action spi..
K3400 Dual Electronic Dice Kit
K3400 DUAL ELECTRONIC DICE KIT. Board games provide an excellent source of pleasant and healthy ente..
K5201 Light Computer Electronics Kit
Light Computer.Sixteen different programs and seven outputs make this light computer a unique showpi..
PSS1255 12 Volt DC 5.8Amp Transformer
12 Volt DC 5.8Amp Regulated used with the Vellamen Kit K8044. Input 90-264VAC, Output 12v 5.8Amp DC ..

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