FOP150DMX-R Light Unit

FOP150DMX-R Light Unit
FOP150DMX-R Light Unit
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FOP150 Watt HID Light unit with 8 colors and DMX controll. 110 vac power. .Description: Standard DMX512 signal control or Master/Slave control * One DMX channel  * 29 preset programs.   
* Audio control * for sound to color change effect. 8 Colors on the wheel you can program full color, single color or up to 3 colors mix. * Over-heated protection * UV & IR protected. OsramhqI-T 150w/NDL CDM-T 150w/942 Bulb. Chinese Made warn you but nice unit. BEST SELLER. Can hold up to 1000 fibers of the .75mm size. Designed for Sideglow and Endglow Cables.  Standard US plug will plug into any outlet, no special fuse required. Weight 18lbs. Must Ship FED-EX.

LEGAL NOTICE: These units are Made in China so any Intellectual or Electronic Patents if copied out of China must be delt with manufacture and Not Fiber Optic Products, Inc. as we are only the reseller.


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